Property Management - Frequently Asked Questions

1) Q: Are the management commissions based on rental rates?

A: San Diego Vacation Rentals treats every property and owner individually, the commission will be based on the needs of the property and involvement level of the owner.

2) Q: Where will my property be advertised?

A: Our direct vacation rentals website, printed marketing material at our beach front office, and all major third party marketing websites i.e., VRBO, Expedia, FlipKey,, Airbnb, and more.

3) Q: Am I responsible for advertising fees?

A: No. San Diego Vacation Rentals covers all advertising and marketing costs from high quality professional photographs to listing the property on major third party marketing websites.

4) Q: What is my level of management responsibility as an owner?

A: We provide full service management, which allows you flexibility over your level of responsibility. You can be directly involved with every reservation or not involved at all. Some of our owners live out of the country and rely on us for all vacation rental operations.

5) Q: When are my rental payments deposited each month?

A: You’ll receive monthly checks and owner statements that itemize all transactions for your records.

6) Q: How can I be assured I’m getting the most from my investment?

A: With over four decades of experience in the vacation rental industry, we are experts in getting you the best rate for your real estate investment.

7) Q: What if I want a higher rent than your recommendation?

A: We can accommodate any special requests, including a rental rate that you’re comfortable with. We will make recommendations on the rental rate based on similar properties and market trends however the property owner can specify exactly what rate is to be charged for their property.

8) Q: How long do tenants typically stay?

A: The property owner can specify what the minimum nights required for booking are. Currently in the Mission Beach/Bay area the normal minimum is 7 nights June thru August with check in and out on Saturday only. During the off season the minimum nights required is 3.

9) Q: Is the tenant guaranteed?

A: We thoroughly screen all tenants to make sure they will respect your property. For even more peace of mind, you can choose to have the final say in all tenant decisions. Our reservationists will send you the details of the reservation including the dynamics of renting group and rental rate, at that time you can approve or decline.

10) Q: What tenancy documentation is needed?

A: We require an Occupancy Agreement and a registration form to obtain the names, ages, and occupations of all persons staying at the property.

11) Q: What about special instructions?

A: Let us know about any special instructions you have for the guests of your property, we will put together a very detailed property specific guest information document that will be provided as soon as the reservation is paid in full.

12) Q: If pets are allowed, what is expected from the tenant?

A: The tenant is responsible for a non-refundable $200 pet fee if the pet is approved to occupy the home.

13) Q: What keys need to be given to the tenant?

A: We will coordinate with the tenant and supply them with a set of keys to the property. Since guest can check in any time after 3pm we usually install a lock box containing the property keys at the property and provide the guest with the access code once the reservation is paid in full.

14) Q: How secure must the property be?

A: We provide a free property consultation where we recommend immediate repairs and items that need to be purchased.

15) Q: Do I need smoke alarms, light globes, and tap washers?

A: During the property inspection, we’ll let you know everything that needs to be purchased and/or repaired.

16) Q: Who pays water fees?

A: All short term vacation rental rates are all inclusive of all utilities including cable/satellite TV, and WIFI,.

17) Q: Can I visit the property at any time?

A: If you want to visit your home, just give us a call and we’ll reserve it for you. You can also view the reservations calendar and notes in real time with your own login to our software.

18) Q: What about an emergency contacts?

A: With 24/7 guest services, tenants can contact one of the staff at any time should there be any problems.

19) Q: Can San Diego Vacation Rentals help me sell my property?

A: San Diego Realty Consultants is the brokerage company with San Diego Vacation Rentals. Our sales manager and agents are a great choice when deciding to sell as they have all current marketing materials and rental income figures at their fingertips.

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